A faster way to publish content to the internet



It is comparable to blogging however blogs are used more for posting content that you wish to share, with Pen.io you are able to set up a page and not have to worry about it. We were able to publish whatever we would like whenever we would like in a timely manner, pretty awesome that they came out with something like this.



Pen.io has been useful to us in various ways, some of those ways are for publishing essays, creating pages for upcoming events, sharing code snippets, publish Ebooks, sharing recipes and many more different uses. The webpages that are created are very simple; think of it as your most basic webpage that you are able to create. Our experience with it has been nothing but good feedback; and has really helped us find an easier and less time consuming way for publishing our content to the Internet. When we need to upload content, we like to do it as quick and easy as possible just like the rest of you out there. Check Pen.io. out for your self!

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