10 New Features and Tips in Mountain Lion OSX

With Mac’s new operating system Mountain Lion coming out, there are a few new features that all Mac users should hear about. These new advancements can make your life easier and more efficient. Don’t forget to follow the tips in order to make sure your transition is trouble-free.


1.) Ensure your Mac meets the requirements

The upgrade to Mountain Lion will have advancements that older Mac hardware will not be able to perform. This mainly revolves around graphic capabilities and support for the system’s 64-bit kernel. Before you upgrade, make sure your Mac can even upgrade to the new operating system. The following systems will not be able to run Mountain Lion:

  • iMac6,1 or earlier (polycarbonate cases)
  • MacBook4,2 or earlier
  • MacBookPro2,2 or earlier
  • MacBookAir1,1 or earlier
  • MacMini2,1 or earlier
  • MacPro2,1 or earlier
  • XServe2,1 or earlier


2.) Fix any resolvable issues

Application freezes, computer crashes, and other  unwanted behaviors can occur during the life of your system. Try solving any problems with your current Mac’s system to prevent any future problems with your newly updated system. Running a general maintenance routine on your system can put your Mac in it’s best shape for a smooth transition.


3.) AirPlay Mirroring

Just like your iPad or iPhone, AirPlay Mirroring will allow you to stream what’s being displayed on your Mac’s screen (even audio) to your Apple-TV connected television. This means no more plugging in connectors to link your TV and Mac, just simple streaming from your computer directly to your Apple TV.


4.) Notification Center

Notification center is the new focal point of the current events in your personal life. Keep updated with information you’ve recently received or upcoming information that you need to follow up on. When you slide two fingers from the right side of your trackpad, your desktop gets shifted to the left revealing a column filled with dates and reminders.


5.) Power Nap

Now you don’t have to worry if your Mac has caught up with the most recent updates. Mountain Lion will still perform tasks while your computer is snoozing. Checking mail, updating notes and reminders, and updating software, it’s all being done while your mac is sleeping!


6.) Safari 6.0

Just like Chrome, Safari for Mountain Lion now has unified the address bar and the search field into one. They have also added a share button that will allow you to tweet, email, or message web pages.


7.) Game Center

Introducing a noteworthy advancement in Apple’s Game Center. Your Apple ID now becomes your gamer name. Similar to Xbox Live, you can now upload contacts, get friend suggestions, view your total game points and other notable updates! This is styled just like the version on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod.


8.) Messages

With Messages, you can send free text messages as well as photos or videos to any iOS device or any Mac running Mountain Lion. Now, instead of limiting your communication to your Buddy List, Apple has approached a Skype-like technique by drawing from your full contacts when you type a name into the “To Field”


9.) Dictation

Quite possibly one of the most remarkable features is Dictation. By hitting the “fn” button twice while in a text field, Dictation will type whatever it hears you say. Once you’re finished speaking, your speech will be converted to text and be able to be sent as a message According to Apple, this app trains itself to your voice and will tune itself the more you use it.


10.) Gate Keeper

Will all the apps on the market, it’s hard to decide which ones to trust and which contain malware. Gatekeeper is a new security feature that will protect your mac from untrusted apps. It will give the user significant control over which apps can be downloaded and installed.