Stop SOPA bill from passing!

Tomorrow entire web will go on strike to stop SOPA bill from passing in congress. Why is this bill so important you may ask? Because it will be the end of free speech and open source on the web. Technically speaking you won’t be able to have a site like Facebook or Wikipidia (wikipidia will be blacked out the entire wednsday to show their protest) since under this bill each site will be responsible for the content they have.  To learn more about this nonsence  take a look at this infographic. Click here. The clock is ticking, and we’re still 35 senators short of the number we need to kill the bill. In just 7 days, the Senate will vote on forever altering the free and open internet by instituting a new regime of extra-judicial, corporate-led website takedowns. This is a fundamental fight about who has power in society — the people with the means to communicate freely or the governments and corporations that feel threatened.

If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, please use these links to spread the word about the protest

Also join us on wednsday by blacking out your site. Copy the code below and paste it into the header of your theme (WordPress users can use the SOPA Strike plugin) to black your site out in protest of SOPA/PIPA. It will activate automatically on Jan. 18th, displaying this page and directing visitors to contact Congress, and will deactivate at the end of the day.


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var a=new Date,
	if(18==a.getDate()&&0==a.getMonth()&&2012==a.getFullYear ()&&13<=b&&24>=b) window.location="";
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