Must have Gmail extensions to increase your productivity!

Boomerang    Boomerang – allow you to send e-mail later and return it back to your inbox at a set date. We Use this to meet dead lines or if you need to be reminded about a specific topic. You can set up boomerang to return e-mail to your inbox if you do not get a reply from a recipient in “X” amount of days. Boomerang is free and you can get it by visiting here:



p10-gmail_inbox.jpg Active Inbox – organizes your e-mails and allows you to tag e-mails in an easier manner. Active Inbox uses the built in e-mail labels to give structure to your e-mail. It creates a sidebar where by default you can organize e-mails by projects, create references, and set up actions/in queue system for your e-mails. So when a new e-mail comes in it automatically gets assigned to a project. If my action is required on that e-mail I simply mark it for action. Active inbox will always show what projects have actions in them by making them bold.

Google Tasks

use-google-tasks1This feature is built into Gmail however not many people use it for some reason, probably because many are not aware on how to do so. To activate it click on tasks on the left side of your Gmail. The best thing about Google tasks is that it is always there in the right corner while you are using your e-mail. This allows for very quick task additions. Other task systems might be more robust but you have to minimize windows or switch browser tabs to use them; since most tasks surface from e-mails it is a key to have them show up within the e-mail system. There are also mobile apps available that will sync directly with your Google tasks (go tasks for IOS devices)

* We hope that these quick tips helped improve your productivity while using your Gmail account. Of course this will only help you if you actually use the tools. If you have any other productivity tips or know great Gmail extensions let us know! What’s your favorite extension? Comment below 🙂


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