A better way to share files: Fyels


All we had to do was drag and drop ours file on their webpage, and from a there a link was created from our file. On the receivers end all they had to do was click to receive it. Pretty fast and easy if you ask us!


When you personally use it, is when you will really see it for your self. When we were testing out Fyels we found out that there was no limit on how much you choose to share with the world. With that being said it gives you the fastest way to share possible, which means sharing just got a lot easier for those who would have to wait an endless amount of time to upload content. Fyels allowed us to share up to 11GB for each file, and share unlimited amounts of files for free! Yes for FREE! Another awesome perk that we found is that files that have already been uploaded by others can be shared with you! For example one is able to download the angry birds game, as well as famous music to your music files. Free music and games? You can’t get much better then that! The content that you can find for your self is pretty interesting just from what others had shared with the world! Check it out for yourself and start sharing your files the simple way!

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