Did You Know Fabric Eleven Is Brand Spankin’ New?

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website and rebrand! Our design team worked together to bring our vision for the site together. Our team collaboration helped to create a cohesive vision that touched on the most important facets of Fabric Eleven’s rebrand. Our new site features a robust portfolio showcasing our strongest and most recent work, including clients such as Fox Sports, Credit Karma, and Ohio State University. Established five years prior, we felt it was time to better represent our company and show what drives us to curate beautiful websites and brands for both local and nationwide clients.

Our team of designers, developers and writers drew inspiration from a minimalist aesthetic, keeping the design clean and simple to create a website that was lasting and timeless—even as web trends progress we’ve designed our site to last. Our limited color palette is sleek and masculine, able to carry across all platforms; consisting of deep sea foam blue, fire truck red and off white; we’ve kept it classic and timeless.

We design with the intention of showcasing our best work and letting it speak for itself. After five years of hard work, we’re proud to showcase the great work our team produces for a myriad of industries. By keeping with a minimalist aesthetic, we’re able to show off our work to potential clients without crowding the page. The added white space draws your eye to a fully responsive gallery of our work.

We’ve used two sans serif fonts based on a contemporary version of Futura. We used custom tracking and contrasting widths to create a sense of balance within the logotype. The word “fusion” is emphasized, representing our brand. By bolding the word ‘fusion’ we’ve emphasized just how important cooperative teamwork is at Fabric Eleven. We believe in the power of collaboration and ideas, where not one but all are involved in our design process.

Our beloved brand mark was created in the early days of Fabric Eleven, yet still stands as a very important symbol, loosely based on the nuclear atom. Our logo mark is striking and instantly recognizable, which is why it’s still a major player in our rebrand. It is also symbolic of parts fusing together to create a whole; corresponding to how we view ourselves at Fabric Eleven—we are a team of creative individuals coming together to create great designs!

We’re proud to show off our rebrand and debut our new website, as we continue to work together to create original and unexpected solutions for every one of our clients. We invite you to visit our new site to take a look at our portfolio, read a case study, and learn more about the process that sets Fabric Eleven apart from everyone else.

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