Fabric Eleven Staff App Obsessions

When you find an app you love, it’s all about letting everyone know how amazing it is, all the cool features and how it makes your life a little easier. We’re showcasing staff app obsessions this month for some insight into how useful, effective and fun our favorite apps can be.

We’ve tried out a new game that is simple in design, yet takes strategy to win. It’s called 2048 and it resembles the game Threes, yet gives a little something extra for the user. “I like how the tiles move smoother than in Threes. If there are three tiles with the same number, 2048 will allow you to consolidate 2 of the 3 tiles, whereas in Threes it seems as if you can only consolidate if there are 2 isolated tiles. Also, 2048 is free and that is my favorite number.”

Our creative lead is currently obsessed with a new app, Sleep Cycle, which uses the accelerometer in your iPhone to examine your movements during each phase of sleep. It offers comprehensive charts designed with UX at the forefront. “It allows you to wake up to a softer sound that gradually gets louder as it reaches the time you’ve scheduled your alarm.” Using a 30-minute alarm window, it allows your body to wake up naturally, and it tracks your sleep patterns over a 5-day period. It allows you to take notes on your sleep with smart icons to indicate your mood upon waking up.

Peek, a brand new calendar app keeps with trending flat design with UX in mind. It features vibrant colors and mainly swipe functions to add or change events mainly based on gestures. It’s powerful features limit the amount of time spent interacting with the app. Using color a bright color scheme, the hierarchy is easily communicated within the app, and makes for a visually engaging scheduling experience. “Although it is more complex than the native iCal app on the iPhone, it serves as a perfect addition for someone who loves bold user interface design and fun animations.”

For fellow developers out there, download iTerm 2 and stay organized using multiple panes with an improved second version. “My favorite aspect of the program allows me to move between panes with ease while I work.” iTerm2 allows for multiple panes, paste history, instant replay and hotkeys to improve workflow with an extra multi-task function.

If you love music, then download PolyFauna. Radiohead and Universal Everything teamed up to create the ultimate viewing experience that allows for user interaction in a totally immersive visual soundscape. Thom Yorke and artist Stanley Donwood partnered to create an app that combines the music and interactive design. “If you love music and possess a keen eye for the way design can intertwine with music, this app allows you to experience with both worlds simultaneously.” Hands down, this was built for Radiohead fans that want something extra while they listen to the ambient sounds of The King of Limbs album.

Try out these apps for yourself and let us know what you think!