How Does Color Define A Brand?

Working with color is just a small part of the fun for our design team! Our most recent work has been full of challenges, and we’re excited to present gorgeous color combinations we’ve curated for our recent clients!

Create color palettes based on your client’s overall vision of the brand. Take their ideas and turn them around to come up with a vision for their brand that coincides with the concepts you’ve discussed. Fusing colors together to curate the right look and feel is one of the most important facets of a project. Without the foundation of color, logo design and brand recognition goes out the window.


Design Tip #1: Always arrange color in spectrum order for a clean look and feel


Inspired by the sun and the idea of a prism we chose a full spectrum of temperatures to emphasize Copperflects brand. Using primarily warm reds and oranges, the cool blue accent excites the warm colors with a stark yet fresh contrast.


Design Tip #2: Channel your client’s brand into color to create brand recognition


Focused on a color scheme that is simple, energetic and warm we chose bright reds, yellows and oranges taken from Polycharge’s logo. The colors appear to be charging upwards from yellow to red to represent the capacitor batteries they produce to power electric vehicles. The release of great amounts of energy is represented with the burst of color from sunny yellow to crimson red.

Design Tip #3: Versatility is your ticket to user friendly color schemes


Working with a blue spectrum calls for a look at cooler tones. When asked to brand a real estate  group, our design team gravitated towards blues and greens to offer a level of sophistication and  versatility. We chose a deep navy blue with green and teal accents with a splash of black and white  to really bring a sense of simplicity and usability to the Stinson Group brand.


Design Tip #4: Simple design is often the better design


Deciding on a color palette that echoes sophistication and simplicity calls for strong hues that will remain classic even as trends progress in the design industry. Using sleek and masculine hues, a limited color palette is transferable across all platforms. Consisting of deep sea foam blue, fire truck red and off white, we’ve kept it classic and timeless for the Fabric Eleven color palette.


Working with color is likely the most fun part of being a graphic designer, and understanding how color interacts on multiple levels will give you an advantage when it comes time to create. Color palettes should be versatile yet simple, and curated for the client. Create brand recognition and a sense of usability for a perfectly curated set of color they won’t be able to refuse.

Visit our brand new website and see how our colors work together to bring one idea into fruition! Let us know what you think and share your color scheme ideas with us!



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