10 Free UX / UI Design eBooks

For today’s free friday we have something special. That’s right a list of free UX/UI and Design eBooks.
Yes a lot of them are from UXPin a great website that allows you to wireframe your projects (that’s why they have all these books).  Most of them touch base on the core concepts. One of my favorite on this list is the Getting Real book by 37 Signals since it focuses on the core of what’s important. If you are just starting out read #7 as it’s a good introduction. Overall most of these books are amazing and a good read if you are into user experience and design.

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1) UX Storytellers

Even though this book is a little old (dating back to 2010) it’s still pretty good and each chapter is written by different person and touches on different aspects of design through storytelling.



2) Web Design Book of Trends

This is fairly new ebook that focuses more on what’s popular in this day and age. It focuses on flat design, advantages and disadvantages of it. It also has some good tools like where to find good free stock videos and photos as well as some not so good (a collection of blurred backgrounds? Really?)



3) Define App Requirements Within 20 Minutes

A pretty good read that has 8 tips to boost your user interaction and gain more money as well as the right questions to ask designer and marketing teams during the meetings and start up projects. This one is more for your manager however it’s a great read if you are doing client meetings and presentations

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 4.06.27 PM copy


4) UX Design for Startups

Focus on UX design advice based on trial and error. This one is a pretty hefty, just kidding this one is probably the shortest one out of the bunch, however it does have a pretty great list at the end of great tools for UX/UI design. From click tracking tools to wireframing and click tracking. If you are short on time get this one just for the list of tools it references.



5) Responsive & Adaptive Web Design

Again this one is from great folks at UXpin and offers analyses of 10 examples of multi device web design. It also talks about mobile first approach and why it’s important (you probably already know this). I did really like their best practices section since i ended up learning a few of the new tricks.


6) Mobile UI Design Trends Present & Future

This one is a little difference from others and focuses more on card-based mobile designs. Think the new card interfaces that you notice in apps now. Talks about how to layer text, creating contrast, stacking etc. If you are just interested in web development you can safely skip this one.


7) Introduction to Good Usability

This one is a total noob book and is recommended if you are just starting out, yes it’s pretty old (2008) yet it’s still has great usability tips that hold even today and goes over importance of spacing as well as basic web interface elements.

Introduction to Good Usability

8) Getting Real:

The smarter, faster, easier way to build a successful web application

This one is one of my favorites. You get a lot of content in this book, and unlike some of the books in this list this one has more than 100 pages worth of content. The focus is on how to create successful web applications. I really wish i had this book before we did SignOff.me and LisaHQ it would make our projects way more successful. The idea of the book is to focus your energy, prioritize and cut down on features. A must read if you are building a web app or working on a project with scope creep.



9) The indispensable designer: a guide to influential design

This book talks on how you should present yourself as UX designer, how to clarify feedback and actually influence your team instead of bending over for every change. If you have trouble presenting your design or if client walks all over you during presentations this is a great read.


10) Timeless UX Design Trends : Web UX Design

To finish our list, I picked this book because it talks about how to make your design more timeless and effective. It talks about the move from traditional web design and design as a service and user experience. It has an interesting study of companies like Vine (which i personally think they could have picked better clients). If you downloaded all other books as well this one is a good book to finish up with.


Timeless-UX Design Trends


That’s about it, let me know if there are some books that you would like to see on this list or if you have any specific feedback for specific one. Keep on learning!

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    1. Thanks for the rules update, I didn’t know about the details when I was updating the article. I updated it based on your comment!

    1. Thanks for the rules update, I didn’t know about the details when I was updating the article. I updated it based on your comment!

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