Moo Luxe: Business card printing review

We have just recently updated our latest business cards.
We usually get all our cards done through 4Over trade  and they offer many different options like silk cards with spot UV and foil for relatively inexpensive price of around ~$80. For our new cards we wanted to do something different. In particular we wanted to see if we can get heavy weight 32pt cards with edge color for about the same price.  Our theory is that heavy cards end up at the very bottom or at the very top of the business card deck, which is great! As long as they are not in the middle people should be able to find our cards easier.

After looking for different sources we settled on Moo and their Luxe product. Luxe cards are about twice as thick as standard cards, have nice texture to them and should look amazing when held in hand. It also helped that Moo was running a %25 promotion at that time (Here is our referral link that will save you %10 on Moo) .  Now that we had idea in mind of what the finished product should be it was time to design the cards.

Card Design

When designing cards we go through many iterations to make sure they look just right. With this project it was no different. Our goal was to create clean simple design that catches your eye from far away, this allows the card to stand out from the other cards out there on the table. We created 4 focus points:

  • Cards should have a solid color on one of the sides
  • Logo should be prominent and visible from far away
  • Cards should be consistent with the website’s look and feel
  • Legible typography on both sides

When creating Business card options we try to to make as many variations as possible. This allows us to then print the cards and see which ones grab our attention the most:

Once we had cards laid out on the table it was easy to see which ones instantly work better. For example horizontal cards were discarded since the logo looked to much like a target when viewed horizontally. The red and white combination although looked very sharp and matched our avatar was also passed after some thought since it looked more like a cool illustration rather than an actual company logo.

Final Design

The final choice was then between 2 vertical designs. Should we have blue background on the text side or on the logo side? After some voting we decided to go with blue on the logo side, this make text on the other side a little easier to read and will allow users to leave some notes if necessary right under the details.

This is an example of our give away card that we can give to friends or leave lying around.



Moo Luxe Review

It was now time to order! Our final cost with shipping ended up being around $60 for a set of 100 Luxe Cards. This is a little bit more expensive then our regular 4over cards yet still a pretty good price for what what we expected to get. All other companies started at $100+ .We initially wanted to have our logo embossed, however after getting a few $400+ quotes per set we decided to see how these cards will look first.

From placing an order it took 5 days to get the cards with expedited shipping which only was $2 more.

Packaging and Presentation

The first thing that catches our eye is the packaging. When you get the Moo cards it feels like you are getting something very expensive and very special. Good job Moo!

The top piece looks like a wax seal, and makes packaging really stand out. The box itself is made of solid cardboard with magnetic flaps that hold cards easily.


Print Quality

After such a great presentation we were excited to see the same quality in the cards. Unfortunately we were a little let down. Why? you may ask? Well for starters we thought they will do offset printing. Turned out they didn’t: If you look closely you can see the color dots. It doesn’t ruin the card but you can tell it was digitally printed. This is especially visible on the area where there is a lot of color like the blue side of the card:


The cards don’t look bad by any means and i think for most people they will be perfects especially given the price. The thickness of the card is really nice and they definitely feel professional, clean and high end. The blue on the edge matched our blue color really well, although since it’s sandwiched between 2 peices of white it’s not as noticeable as we hopped it would be. It just feels that this card is missing that wow factor that we wanted and perhaps we can’t expect that for a card that costs so little to produce.




Final Thoughts

I loved the new Moo cards even though they did not meet our expectations. I think for $60-$80 you get an amazing product that will work great for 90% of the people out there that want their cards to stand out. Moo Luxe product is marketed as a high end product in the same way boutique print shops market theirs without the steep price tag. You can see the quality fall a little short of the boutique cards. The question you should be asking yourself: “Do those $400-$500 expensive offset business cards look $400 better?” In our opinion they don’t. We are still going to search for a better alternative that can give us that little extra wow factor with our next order.  Moo also has a Letter Press option however you have to use one of their templates. If you want to go with Moo and use the link here you will save %10 on your order. Let us know your experience and thoughts with Moo.