5 best marketing strategies you should use


1: videos

Create videos that talk or show your product indirectly. It can be a testimonial video that talks more about the person then your product. It can be a funny youtube clip that shows something funny people did by using your product:

The “Will it blend” video is a perfect example of this since people want to see expensive things destroyed (12 million views for just the ipad. The entire video series is an advertising for company’s blenders.

2: give useful information ( calendar with your logo etc)

Creat useful material that people will use in their daily life with your logo on it. The simplest form of this is a pen. However this can be anything like a units conversion chart, calendar or a quick reference guide. The key here is to make something people will actually use. You can give it away for free or make people pay for it (like actual cool tshirts etc)


3: clever ad placement.

Make people think and laugh when they look at your ads. Then they will pass them to friends and family. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through creative use of space. For example:

4: design for  your audience

Research your audience and speak to them the way your audience would like it. If you are marketing towards punk rock crowd then your graphic design and the way you market your product should reflect that as well (yes this is obvious but so many people miss this!)


Above is a design for a heavy metal band In Flames just by the cover of their album the viewer can tell who the target audience are.

5: do a workshop

Set up a workshop or teach a class on your industry. Don’t worry about giving away information since the people that will show up are interested in learning more about your topic and since you are teaching you are seen as the expert in the industry. Don’t sell your product in the workshop (people will ask details about your product if they are interested anyway) and since you are an expert they will want to hire you rather then do the work themselves.


Know of any other key strategies that you think we missed? Let us know through comments.

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