Alien Connections Come in Handy in Aggressive Branding

As a part of our commitment to live up to our claim on August 20th, that we would use our own branding campaign as an example of “aggressive” branding, we took a huge step in that direction this week.

Deep in the farm county of Oxfordshire (a county west of London, England), the pattern above was mysteriously found on a local pub owner’s land, Adrian Potts.  When interviewed by local media after he reported the incident, Potts said, “These crop circles are great for business.  People come around from all parts to see them.  I don’t think we’ve sold this many pints in years.”

Potts went on to say that despite any loss to his farming yield, the benefit of the foot traffic to his pub far outweighed the loss.  In fact, he expressed hope that through another miraculous intervention from another world, his Alien benefactor would return to his fields with another crop leveling design. Potts, along with other observers admiring the design, were perplexed by the design itself.  Some thought it was beautiful, but couldn’t grasp its meaning. One pub customer who took the day off to have pint Pott’s pub, The Cock and Bottle, and see the marvel for himself commented, “I don’t know what this thing means, but it’s an attention getter – a good reason to take some time to have a look, and a pint of course.”

Meanwhile, we knew the meaning.  Here at Fabric Eleven Design, Alex knew we had to live up to our branding claims, so in this first part of what will be an ongoing series, he pulled out all the stops.  When asked by GFD’s own Lisa about how he was able to get a Fabric Eleven logo crop circle carved out in the middle of an English farm over 3500 miles away, Alex said, “I’ve got a few connections”.