Shark Designs, In celebration of Shark Week 2012

In celebration of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week 2012, we present to you 5 of the best shark related designs that we’ve seen so far. Sharks? Designs? What’s not to like when those two are combined?

1.) Mobile Shark

Check out this awesome design! The integration of the M and the jaws of the shark is a creative way to combine imagery and typography together. Not only is this a successful design, but the negative space creates an interesting eye flow along the logo.


2.) Recyclable Sharks

When merging a well established symbol with a new symbol, it’s easy to lose site of the original concept. With Recyclable Sharks we see an effective hybrid where just enough was adjusted to convey a slightly new meaning.


3.) Shark Tours

The Shark Tours logo does a great job of creating a dual imagery. Upon first glance you see a cruise ship, but after reading the logo you see that there is also a shark fin incorporated at the bottom of the ship. This is successful because both images reflect the company name.


4.) National Geographic’s Creative Marketing

As designers, it’s always good to incorporate all design aspects into any project. This includes taking your environmental settings into consideration. Note how this buswrap uses the doors to play with the imagery. This makes it interesting for not only the viewer, but for the participant as well.


5.) Shark Attack

This logo is an excellent example of simplicity and boldness. While the other shark logos exemplify creativity, this logo’s straightforwardness offers a timeless value to the design.