New way to search for Stock Photography

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From Lifehacker: “Multicolr Search Lab, a free search utility, digs through roughly 3
million images in Flickr’s “Interesting” set for photos featuring the
colors you select. You can make one color more prominent by selecting
it multiple times, and the results seem pretty genuine—my only
complaint is that you have to find the colors with your eyes, and can’t
put in hexadecimal or RGB values grabbed from graphics programs. The
color search engine also has a front end for Alamy Stock Photography for those in need of definite royalty-free images.”

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Also From Lifehacker: ” Color  Colr Pickr webapp searches Flickr for images using
only a color wheel, and no other search fields. Simply click on the
color you’re interested in and Flickr images made up of mostly that
color surround the wheel. The Color Fields Colr Pickr is extremely
accurate and can immediately identify images that closely match your
selection. If you’re looking for another way to search for background
images, try Wallpapr.”






Have you used either of these?  When you do, leave us a comment and let us know what you thought!


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