Fixing Joomla 1.0 blank page, PHP 5.3.X compatability

Since more and more servers are finally getting upgraded to PHP5.3.X we begin to notice more and more older Joomla 1.0 sites to go down.

The easiest way you can tell that something is wrong is you will see a blank page instead of the body content. If you have PHP warning / errors turned on your server then you will see a lot of “depreciated” warnings on your site.

The best way to fix it is of course not to run joomla 1.0. Upgrades however can be very costly so let’s get to it.

Fixing the blank page on most pages

go to Function.php files  your directory on:


then replace this:

$arguments = func_get_args();

with this:

$arguments = func_get_args();
$numargs = func_num_args();
for($i=1; $i < $numargs; $i++){
$arguments[$i] = &$arguments[$i];

This should fix the blank page stuff.  The contacts page (com_contact) will also be broken to fix this do this

in the includes/vcard.class.php

find this function

function quoted_printable_encode($input, $line_max=76)

and put if statement around it so it would look like this:

if(!function_exists('quoted_printable_encode')) {
 function quoted_printable_encode($input, $line_max=76) {
 /* ... */
} //notice this bracket

Fixing Parameter 3 to showItem() expected to be a reference

there are other minor problems like dates and time zone and sometime the home page outputs erros like
“Parameter 3 to showItem() expected to be a reference” to fix that one do this do this:
to your /includes/Cache/Lite/functions.php file

1, find:
from: $result = call_user_func_array(array($class, $method), $arguments);
to:$result = call_user_func_array(array($class, $method), &$arguments);

2, find:
from: $result = call_user_func_array(array($$object_123456789, $method), $arguments);
to: $result = call_user_func_array(array($$object_123456789, $method), &$arguments);

3, find:
from: $result = call_user_func_array($target, $arguments);
to: $result = call_user_func_array($target, &$arguments);

You can also download a fix for all of this in one single file:

or Download Patch

Hope this helps anyone whoever else is experiencing these problems


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