Can’t find SVN in Mountain Lion? (OSX 10.8)

Many developers out there are soon discovering that the upgrade to OSX Mountain Lion (10.8) has left us wondering where SVN (Subversion) went. It is not included in this release of OSX. Although some opinions may argue this was a good call on Apple’s part and that SVN should remain with Git, this was a huge nuisance to users like myself who use Coda for version tracking.

Easy way: Install Xcode

  • A quick google search will reveal that one option is to install “Xcode” from the Mac Apple Store.
  • Once installed simply go to : [highlighted] Xcode > Preferences > Downloads > Command Line Tools > Install¬†[/highlighted]
  • Coda will also automatically detect the installation of the SVN.

However your draw my drop as mine did and wonder why we need to download 1.5GB of Command Line Tools to enable SVN support. Granted there are some very useful tools in this package that many of us developers may want, for the sake of this article there is an alternative.

Installing SVN without Xcode

To install SVN without Xcode you need to download the “Command Lines Tools for Mountain Lions” as a separate install of only 116mb.

You can download them from here :[highlighted][/highlighted]

Scroll down to the [highlighted]”Command Line Tools (OS X Mountain Lion) for Xcode – (latest date)”[/highlighted]

Once your download is finished simply run the install package and you are all finished.

To verify SVN

open Terminal and enter :
[highlighted]svn –version[/highlighted]

This command should return a version code. If you see copyright information and the SVN version 1.6.x you followed the process correctly.

I hope this saves someone some hunting (as well as 1.5GB) in the long run. Let me know if anyone has problems or questions