Baby Jesus Sponsored by Coca-Cola

Last December, we paid a visit to the world’s largest nativity scene which is located in Mexico City.  Walking with hundreds of other visitors through a maze of a life sized pseudo replica of Bethlehem, we found scores of actors in matching costumes from the period, water features, King Herod, and of course the scene in the manger. The streets of Bethlehem stretched on for what appeared to be one third of a mile or so. Along the way, we noticed a Coca Cola sign in the shape of a bottle attached to a prominent pole in the center of one of the streets in this Bethlehem remake.  Granted, thousands of people make the stroll every year through this very popular attraction and it must be a very appealing advertising opportunity, but sponsoring a nativity scene, in our view, is aggressive branding.

At least that’s the way we see it at Fabric Eleven. The approach to aggressive branding has taken form in new creative ways and undoubtedly produces staggering results from its audience. Like Coca-Cola, generating an immediate response from our client’s audience is a similar value we hold close. Our step-by-step branding process begins at the core of discovering who our clients are. From there we implement results to their image. Where it ends is a lasting impression their viewers walk away with. But we still wondered how we could push this even further without getting off the branding topic. So we sat down and brainstormed ideas that ranged anywhere from crazy to notably creative and came out with some monumental ideas. That’s why we’re announcing to our followers to keep a look out for Fabric Eleven’s new aggressive embarkment on branding. It’s bound to turn heads.

There is no doubt that Coca Cola has continued to be successful over the decades yet they continue to invest heavily in aggressive branding. Although Coca Cola’s sign in the nativity scene is not related directly to their online marketing efforts, branding and online marketing are joined at the hip.   If you give your brand voice, studies have shown that lead conversion from your web site will be much greater.  Clicks from potential customers who have some familiarity with your company through an engaging branding and social media campaign are far more likely to become customers, than without that familiarity.  Building your brand online will go a long way to increase awareness and build your company’s reputation.  If your social media campaign successfuly sparks a discussion and promotes your brand, the more your audience is invested in it and the greater the chances are that they will actively find it and remain loyal.