Microsoft Unveils a New Logo

A few days ago, Microsoft announced their new logo, which will initially be used in its Boston store. This revitalization reflects the Windows 8 logo, which reflected the 1985 front-page style. Some surmise the reintroduction of the previous Windows colors was to represent the products that Microsoft has created: Office (orange), Xbox (green), Windows8 (blue), and Bing (yellow). The logos of these products have taken on a monochromatic approach which may be a sign that Microsoft is starting a greater rebranding effort that will tie the company together as a whole.

Although these colors are criticized to be similar to Google Chrome’s logo, Microsoft separates itself from Chrome by adopting characteristics of the Modern Design style. These hard edged lines create a contrasting image against Chrome’s Curvilinear logo. What is probably the most discerning aspect about the new logo is the typography they implemented into the design. The grey used for “Microsoft” doesn’t contrast well against the vibrant colors and it creates a dullness to the over all appearance.

How do you feel about Microsoft’s new logo? How do you think this revitalization will hold up 10 years from now?