Staff Favorites: Color Combinations

Color is how we express a feeling or mood. In design, pairing color together to generate brand identities, create logo designs and beautiful websites often dictates how, when and where we use color to determine how successful a color combination will be. What happens when you pair two bright, vibrant colors together with a darker slate grey? We’ve asked Lisa, our Business Development Manager to shed some light on her favorite color palette of the week and why she’s so obsessed with it.


Lisa, what inspired you to pair these colors together?

I have a bundle of thread lying around from a past project, and these colors caught my eye.


Where are you going to use this combination next?

I would love to use it on my next embroidery project. I like the contrast between two bright, vibrant colors and a slate grey nearly black.


How could other designers implement this color scheme?

The key to making this color palette work is to use it with off-white versus pure white. The off-white, like a linen color, sets it apart from other modern color palettes that use a pure white.


Typography choice and color must coincide; what typeface best fits this color combination?

I would choose an old style typeface or a script because there are various modern color elements in this combination, but the off-white calls for a traditional typeface.


What do you like most about this color combination?

I like it because it balances modern with vintage. It screams modernized antique, which I am a huge fan of because it mixes two contrasting styles into one successful color palette.

Let us know what you think about this color combination, where you might use it or how you would make it successful!

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