Design To Inspire Curiosity

Guiding Curiosity is a blog site where Dr. Wendy Gamble shares her extensive knowledge in development and education with parents all around the world.
When she came to us, she needed a site where she could share her knowledge with others in a way that was easy to navigate and visually appealing.

The Project

We wanted to maintain a feeling of openness and creativity throughout the site to emphasize what the brand is all about. Guiding Curiosity encourages learning through experimentation and exploration. It was very important that we steered clear from design elements that would make Guiding Curiosity seem rigidly academic. We wanted the Guiding Curiosity experience to feel fun and exciting like exploring in the backyard, not rigid and dreary like sitting in a classroom.

How We Did It

We decided it would be appropriate for Guiding Curiosity to have a friendly, organic feel. We looked at classic Winnie the Pooh illustrations, which have a distinctly earthy look and feel. We chose a simplified wood grain texture to add a touch of visual interest to the background. We also came up with a color palette inspired by these illustrations and assigned a color to each blog category, making them easy to identify. We also created custom icons featuring the Guiding Curiosity owl for each category, creating cohesion within the brand and adding a touch of whimsy to the overall design. The final product is a site that shares Dr. Gamble’s knowledge in an attractively simple and well thought-out design.


We’re very excited for the upcoming launch of the Guiding Curiosity site! We will be adding a link to it as soon as it goes live.

UPDATE: site is now live here

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