5 Overused and Abused design trends

UPDATED: These are a little outdated now, but this is still a good read on what the design trends were like back in 2011. I think the overuse of stock photography is still used on many web sites and content.

1) Reflective objects:


2) Flourishes


Yep, i used that one myself. It’s easy to create and it looks pretty slick. After a few of those however it starts to get old quick.


3) Overuse of stock photography


I have nothing against stock photography, i think it’s great to use if you can’t go out and take pictures yourself. However most people make a mistake by making it look so obviously stock that your project screams “GENERIC” at the viewer


4) Torn or scruffy paper


I see a huge amount of sites that have some sort of a torn paper or paper texture in the background. I guess its suppose to convey how artsy the site is or may old fashion? I am not sure. I never liked the paper design in a first place (Felix made his blog using that technique just to spite me)


5) Glossy buttons and navigation

glossy button.jpg

This is probably the most used thing out there. It does look fancy, it gives everything the whole “web 2.0” feel. It usually goes as a combination with reflective surfaces and flourishes .. yes it was cool a year ago, yes i did it too, and yes this needs to stop.

Think there is something else that’s overly used in design? Leave a comment.

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