Soo Yeon Lee Site Featured on CSSAwards!

Congratulations to our designers for developing yet another successful site featured on the Css Awards! Css Awards is an online web gallery that selects only the best designs found from around the globe; to be recognized by them is truly an honor. Shortly after the launch of Soo Yeon Lee’s site, Css Awards had contacted Fabric Eleven Design congratulating the team for their nomination.

When Soo Yeon Lee asked us to revitalize her website, we knew the final outcome of the design would be crucial to her brand. By instilling a clean lay out, her site opened up and became easier to navigate through. Her viewers can now immediately recognize her versatility as not only an athlete, actress, and model, but as an advocate as well. The newly chosen color palette became softer on the eyes while still maintaining an athletic appearance.

We are extremely excited for the recent launch of this site, as well as Soo Yeon Lee, and are glad that others have recognized the hard work and creative solutions that have been implemented into the site. Be sure to check out our site on Css Awards and other works they have selected from Fabric Eleven Design.