Red Bull Stratos and Marketing

When it comes to aggressive branding, Red Bull is one brand that stands out more than others. From their catchy slogan to their sponsored athletes, there’s no doubt that the name Red Bull is recognized on an international level. But what makes their marketing campaign so successful? It’s a combination of innovation and knowing exactly who their target market is. Take a look at what Red Bull is selling and who they are selling to. They’re selling energy drinks to those who need an extra boost to their day. Keeping that in mind, they have recognized the great potential for spinning off on the idea of energy and a young audience that is thirsty for a thrill.

Red Bull has been known to sponsor X-Games athletes and other action sports, but today they have pushed the envelope even further. After investing thousands of hours into scientific configuration and engineering, Red Bull is now preparing world renowned sky diver and base jumper  Felix Baumgartner for a free fall from 120,000 ft in the air. This ultimate scientific experiment mixed with a near-space environment is the innovation that Red Bull delivers to their target audience, an audience who is constantly thirsty for more extreme action. Jumping from Red Bull’s stratospheric balloon at 120,000 feet in the air and filming it live from Baumgartner’s view  is not the only thing that makes this mission so captivating. It’s also the fact that he will be the first person to attempt breaking the speed of sound in freefall.

Being innovative and breaking through the norm in your marketing campaign means setting yourself far apart from your competitors. It means being identifiable to your target market in such a way that it creates a lifestyle for them. Because Red Bull has successfully invested so much time into understanding who their target market is, their campaign constantly generates successful results, an asset  desirable for any company.