How to setup your Internet Marketing Budget

"It Costs WHAT?!!!!!

I’m tired of hearing that.

Budgeting your internet marketing project may seem like a crap shoot. But I can simplify things for you:

  1. If you’re building a new site, expect to spend 2X that amount again
    in the year after the site launches. Unless you want it to sit there,
    all alone, with no traffic.
  2. If you want a site built by a single untrained individual who
    ‘learned how to use Dreamweaver’, expect to spend less than $2000.
    Also, expect to build a new site within 3 months.
  3. If you want a site built by a 5-10 person, boutique-style agency,
    expect to spend, at an absolute minimum, $10,000. These are experts,
    and they deserve to be paid as experts."

My personal favorite was #5 "If you expect to get a #1 ranking on Google for $99, you’re insane."

Some really great information over there.  read the rest of the article here

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