10 Web Design Terms You Should Know

We came up with the following list with the help of the entire Fabric Eleven team. Read on to learn something new or brush up on your design terminology.


Brand Guide

A brand guide is created after the completion of the client’s brand identity. A brand guide is usually around 10 pages long and is meant to display and explain the logoytpe, logomark, fonts, color breakdown, etc. as it pertains to the client and their brand. It also includes mockup images of the brand identity to give an example of what the brand identity looks like in use.


Brand Book

A brand book is created after the completion of the client’s project. A brand book is around 30 pages long and provides the client with comprehensive guidelines on how to implement their new brand identity so that the integrity of the brand is kept cohesive. The book is meant to be a tool for the client that makes it easy for them to know what to do and what not to do with their brand identity.



A mockup is a real world preview that allows the client to see what a design will look like on a product or screen, for example.


Web Mockup

A web mockup is a static image or images of what a site will look like. It is only meant to showcase the design of the page, not the user experience.



A wireframe is the blueprint of a website. It shows a basic break down of the layout of each web page. Wireframes allow us to organize and categorize a website’s content before we start working on the actual design.


Brand mark

A brand mark is the symbol associated with a brand. It can stand alone as a design element and it doesn’t usually contain the name of the brand.



A logotype is generally the name of a brand with design elements and typographical embellishments that make it unique to the brand.


Concept sketch

Concept sketches are loose drawings we present to the client in the beginning stages of the branding process in order to determine a direction for the logo. These drawings are meant to convey a number of our ideas or concepts for a logo to the client in a visual format.



Vector is the ideal format for a logo because it allows us to resize the image to any size while keeping the integrity of the design (it will not pixelate or lose any detail).



A moodboard is a collection of images that represent the look and feel of a brand. It is a visual reiteration of a client’s vision for their brand, which our designers use as design inspiration during the beginning stages of a branding project.


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