The Influence of Victor Papanek in Design

Victor Papanek, one of the most influential figures in design history, expressed the importance of design through out the world. He believed that design had to serve a purpose in this age of mass production and that it is the designer’s responsibility to meet the true needs of mankind. Here at Fabric Eleven Design, we couldn’t agree more with Papanek.

When clients come to us for help with their site, we commonly end up looking at a site that is cluttered with unnecessary content. During the development stages of our design process, we ask ourselves what the purpose of the site is and how we can expose that to our client’s audience. Through research and discovery we find our solutions and implement those tactics into their site. Our clients come to us to find a better way to visually communicate to their audience, and as a result, they receive a site that gains an immediate visual response.

Using excessive imagery and content can really turn your audience away. By following the views of Papanek, designers can live up to their responsibility of true communication. Which Fabric Eleven site do you think executes client information the best?