Responsive Web Design for Beginners

What is responsive web design?

Today, there are tons of devices that connect the user to the internet. There’s the iPhone, Droid, Kindle, netbook, desktop computer and other devices that vary in screen resolutions. Keeping track of all those screen dimensions can be difficult and customizing your site to fit each device is inefficient and costly. So how can a designer create a site that adjusts to all those various dimensions? You design the site to be responsive, or in other words, you design the site to respond to the screen dimension that you are viewing the site from.


The benefits of responsive web design.

What makes responsive web design better than designing for a mobile platform? Mobile sites convert your site into a smaller form. The problem with this is even though it shrinks the current site, it does not mean that it will be as visually appealing as it did in a device that was meant to be viewed in a landscape format. But responsive sites will adjust your site depending on what device you are viewing it from. That means it gives your visitor a better viewing experience.

Let’s not forget the fact that mobile sites need to have a separate domain in order to host their sites, such as VS. This means that if you’re doing any online marketing or SEO campaigns on your mobile site, any credit that your links earn do not get combined with your non-mobile site. With responsive design, since there is only one single domain being used, all your mobile SEO results are combined strengthening your site’s credibility.



In order to prepare your site for whatever new product comes out on the market, responsive design is your best solution to fit all the various screen dimensions that technology has developed. For marketing purposes, responsive design will not split your SEO statistics between sites viewed on mobile devices and sites viewed on non-mobile devices. What are some of your favorite responsive sites? Which ones do you find successful? Be sure to visit one of our latest responsive designs at