7 Cool Shirt Designs


This is actually really great and i love the concept. For those of you who don’t know this is what someone would see when they use an eraser tool on a white background. And that’s the problem with it no one will get this shirt.


Ok this shirt is actually really cool, has a unique look and comes with a cute girl. So if i was 21 i would totally wear this.


This is another great shirt that i would be afraid to wear in public. It would be great at any place where people sit really close like thanksgiving dinners.


Again great funny idea that only a few people would get, oh and it looks ugly


I think every girl should have these, i wonder if dictionary attack would work on this login.


If i was the owner of FedEx i would require every employee to wear this. Again this proves that just because it’s cool or creative doesn’t mean people would want to wear it.


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