Spoke6 Ownership Change

Fabric Eleven Design is proud to announce their new ownership of Spoke6. The collaborative workspace, based in Tucson, has been home to web developers and computer programmers in need of a professional work environment. With meeting rooms, monitors, internet access, and other office essentials provided to its members, it is undeniable that Spoke6 has become one of the most desirable places to work at.

Former owner Tim Bowen had started Spoke6 to provide a place where his firm Creative Slice could work in a professional environment along with other professionals in the design industry. Fabric Eleven Design, being one of the many collaborators, has developed a relationship with the space after the many years of their membership. After recently hiring a support team and several interns, Puente had decided it was time to transfer Spoke6’s ownership to Fabric Eleven in order to accommodate the growing company. Bowen recognized this as an opportunity for him to lessen work load and be able to spend more time with his family.

Spoke6 has seen little marketing and exposure, most people learn about this environment through word-of-mouth. Puente has plans to change Spoke6’s presence in Tucson. “We haven’t done much to showcase the place,” he said. “The goal of this place is to get the best minds in Tucson here.” With a few modifications in mind, the space will still maintain the over all look and feel of a creative environment.

Spoke6 is located at 439 N. Sixth Ave., on the southwest corner of Sixth Street and Sixth Avenue. The membership cost ranges from $20 a day to $300 a month. For more information on Spoke 6, visit www.spoke6.com