5 Design Trends to Look for in 2013

Design trends constantly evolve, introducing new ideas to the industry. The process of creating visual elements that are unique and specific to our clients give us the ability to innovate our own trends. Along with some of our designs, here is a list of design trends we predict will make a huge wave in 2013.


1.) Responsive Web Design

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 11.23.50 AM

One of the biggest trends we know will make a big wave in 2013 is responsive web design. With so many different types of devices on the market, it only makes sense that there will be a high demand for responsive design. It allows for convenient, easy-on-the-eyes web browsing.



2.) Flat Web Design


After a long era of drop shadows and gradients, it’s time for a change. This year, be prepared to see flat websites that contain bold elements. It expresses the “less is more” mind set through simple and easy to read visuals.



3.)  Icons As Vector Fonts

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 11.01.51 AM

Another trend we see making it big in 2013 is the use of vector fonts as icons. By using tools such as IcoFonts, the team at Fabric Eleven Design have been able to efficiently install icons while increasing the page load speed. It also allows our developers to quickly add in icons without having to upload and insert images to site.



4.) Large Imagery


A sure way to capture the attention of site visitors is by making a strong impact with large imagery. Quality photos immediately transform and set the tone for the entire page. Using large imagery is more welcoming and has the capability of getting viewers excited for what they are about to come across.



5.) Wider Websites

Screen shot 2013-01-16 at 11.13.45 AM

The use of wider dimensions works to better invite viewers, drawing them into the site’s content. Browsers are so accustomed to seeing normal dimensions, that wider websites immediately set themselves apart from the rest.