5 Overused Fonts in Design


2) Bankgothic


Ok I actually loved this font until I started to see it everywhere. This font comes with Microsoft Office so it’s really easy to pick up and use. Almost every Hollywood technological movie uses this font ex: Transformers along with places that shouldn’t, like Chipotle.


3) Helvetica

I don’t think this font needs an introduction since it’s used so heavily everywhere, it even got its own movie! 


4) Times New Roman

No font bashing article would be complete without Times New Roman. I am pretty sure no one likes this font, it just happens to be the default font for most operating systems and office programs.  This font just seems lazy to me, we don’t even bother reading resumes submitted to our office that are done in Times New Roman.


5) Trajan

Another great font that is overused to a point where it’s not cool anymore. We even used it when we designed an identity for Emerge Marketing group. It works really well with large Law firms or religious organizations that want to look big. It has basicallyt become a movie font since it makes anything look big and corporate.


Honoroble Mention: Comic Sans

i consider this the ugliest font of all time. It used to be super over used about a year or two ago. Here is a website dedicated to hating comic sans



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