6 Creative failed business cards

2) I have no idea what this guy does because he ran out of space on his “card” . Yes i know it’s a clever idea, but i can tell you that it would not go in my wallet, probably because i don’t cary cloth pins in it.

3)This card is great! Apparently razor blades and graphic design have many things in common (maybe he is on a cutting edge of graphic design!)… I don’t however want my wallet cut, it is already falling appart. I wonder how often Mr. Sean cuts someone when he hands these out.

4) Great idea, i like it. But the size is big so i can only use it as a beer coaster if it ever gets to my house

5) Again this thing is huge and far too complex for no reason at all. You want to hand someone a business card not a brochure.

6) Mr. Butler probably thought he was very clever with this one.. …however what most people will do with this “card” is what they do with¬† their fortune cookie: open it, eat it, have a good laugh before throwing it away. The only thing that’s a fortune on this one is the cost.


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