LISA HQ Update #2: Project Management from Fabric Eleven


It’s been a few months since we gave the first introduction to our LISA project management system. Here is a progress report of what we’ve got going on.

First, we have a new LISA HQ home page. We are pretty excited about the new home page for LISA that we just launched a few days ago.

New design

We completely redesigned LISA to give it a more modern look, and to make it easier to use. We have sectioned off each module block, making it a lot easier to get the information you need with just a glance.



We have also updated the client side design significantly as well. We made it very simple, and focused on the phases of the project, and where it is currently, rather than displaying a lot of extraneous information.



New features

We added a ton of new features and improved the old ones. Here is just a quick a quick highlight of a few of them:

  • Ticketing system 

    Now you can create tickets, assign them to users, comment on them and have different status for tickets. Tickets can also be placed on hold if needed.



  • “Old” Status Notifications

    We noticed that we needed to keep track of when statuses become outdated. So now for each project you can set to track how long ago status message was updated.


  • Sidebars

    We have moved the Calls and Clients tabs into sidebars, that way the information in them can be accessed more quickly, and on any page, without interrupting your workflow. The layout is also responsive, so it will adjust automatically when the sidebar is turned on and move the tabs out of the way.


  • Calls 

    We have updated the way calls work, and we think it’s a big improvement. Now, multiple calls are grouped together per client. You can also log calls that already took place, and see comments on all past calls.


  • Tasks 

    That’s right we added tasks into LISA! You can access your tasks from a sidebar or see tasks for each project. You can assign tasks to projects and people, set due dates and have ability to comment on each task as well. We still need to do some polishing, but it’s already pretty functional.



  • Phases and Milestone Management

    We redid phase navigation and the user interface. It’s now extremely easy to mange project phases; you can also set up milestones and schedule them for specific dates.


Of course there are many more tweaks and updates to come, so if you are interested for a beta invite come let us know in the comments and include your email.