Tucson Marketing Agencies – Reactive vs. Proactive

As entrepreneurs, we strive to offer clients the best solution and to execute it with excellence. Problems arise when we simply perform a service without being involved in the formulation of a client’s goals.

What Being “Reactive” Looks Like

When an agency focuses on executing a service for a client, it is easy to lose sight of their overall goals.  That’s a problem, because when you fail to align your services with your client’s goals, we quickly find ourselves becoming “Reactive.”  How can you tell if you are being Reactive? Often times, your first clue will be when a client comes to you and says something like, “I’m not hitting my numbers,” or “I’m not reaching my goals fast enough.” Sometimes, the client doesn’t even get to that point—they just move on to another agency. In those cases, it’s easy to be confused as to what went wrong. “We executed our end of the agreement flawlessly,” the thinking goes, “so why was the client unhappy?”

Be “Proactive”

This is where the power of being a “Proactive” agency becomes clear. Being Proactive consists of a range of distinct elements, including taking care, being attentive, understanding goals, and the having the ability to tell a client when it’s time to step up their game. Making sure that the client’s overall goal lines up with the plan currently in place allows you to see when things need change, or when other services need to be added in order to achieve a client’s goals. That is the heart of being a Proactive agency.

Honesty is the best policy

Don’t be afraid to tell a client when the services you’re providing aren’t cutting it. It is our job to tell our client’s what they need, but that is not always enough, as sometimes they cut much-needed services from their budgets.  Even if it’s not in the budget, we have a responsibility to let our client’s know what they need to do to reach their goals…even if that means they may move on to another agency.  Believe me when I say, they will move on much sooner if you are Reactive, not Proactive.