Slack Vs Hipchat

Office-oriented chat applications like Slack and HipChat are ideal hubs for teams to communicate and share files in the workplace. They allow teams to stay in contact without having to leave their work areas. They also archive valuable information users can always access or search for. Our office migrated from HipChat to Slack a few months back and we have no regrets.  However, HipChat recently updated their app and we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge their efforts.



Slack is easy to navigate and has an attractively simple design. You can also customize the sidebar to fit your company colors or make it your own.  HipChat updated their desktop app’s interface to look more like Slack’s, which is a lot easier on the eyes. While both allow personal avatars, hip chat avatars are only visible in 1 on 1 conversations. HipChat doesn’t have customization capabilities yet.


Slack allows for custom colors and group switching
More minimalistic and basic interface, Hipchat allows to rearrange channels where Slack doesn’t however you can pin rooms to the top in Slack .

This is based more on preference but we like the cleaner typography as well as ability to customize the colors.
Winner: Slack

Next we will look into Upload / Search features …