The UofA
Museum of Art

Designing and developing Museum of Art website as well as consulting on the new Museum of Art brand mark

A New Way to Visit

The University of Arizona Museum of Art collects, preserves, exhibits and interprets original works of art. In all of its efforts, the museum serves as an advocate for the expressive, intellectual and sensory importance of art in society.

The University of Arizona Museum of Art wanted their entire website to be redesigned. They also needed us to preserve and structure their events database containing over 50,000 unique files into the new CMS and layout.  The old site was cumbersome and did not allow for easy content navigation. It was very important to the museum that the site support responsive scaling and provide easy, intuitive navigational control for their users.


University of Arizona art department. Design and development of the new site, custom integration with UofA Collections system

The Layout

Home page was divided into 4 sections: The top part of the page displayed  all the current events. This was done because most of the users come to the site for events therefore they are the highest priority. The second portion displays general information about UofA Art museum followed by a row that shows all the latest new. Last we have the footer that has details about the location itself as well as links to help you jump to the right section within the site.

Mobile ready years before requirement

Events listing catalogue page

Single event page allows custom backgrounds