Roche Diagnostics

Transforming the way diseases can be prevented, diagnosed and monitored

Making the convoluted, intuitive

We came on board to bring the Internal palette management system software being used by Ventana Medical Group out of the Pentium III world and redesign for today’s standards of intuitive UI/UX. The software was utilized to test, store, and sort biosamples from their hardware, the current software was returning an impenetrable field of data.


Ventana Medical, now part of Roche Diagnostics operates in a wide range of biological and medical diagnostic operations enabling clinicians to make critical decisions for their patients earlier, more accurately, and with greater confidence.

Legacy System

Making a beautiful dashboard meant frequent high user interaction, we designed a screen that livetime updated all metrics of interest, while keeping the brands clean aestic intact. A number of iterations of this dashboard were tested to find the best balance of attention-maintenance, and information displayed aiming towards a gamification-like appeal.

Ease of Empowerment

Third party integration was a priority from the outset of this project which called for extensive API accessible functionality to be built-in. We designed a full, easy to quarry, API reference library to go along with this.


Smart Layout

A major issue we found was the amount of work the system was requiring of technicians to manually fill in, this was often skipped over and resulted in poorly categorized results. We addressed this with easy to select drop-down options making quickly assigning accurate attributes a simple process.

Trustworthy at a Glance

A requirement of this project was not to just make the software work better in every instance, but it was also critical that its aesthetic met the company’s needs. As the software results may be viewed by patients, clinicians, or even the public it was paramount that it conveyed trust, professionalism, and efficiency. The color pallet, layout, and typography were all carefully selected to cohesively work towards this end.

Client Results

The statistical data for the project was all kept confidential, however during launch and subsequent follow-ups the response from the team was astounding. We reconducted our standardized assessment of the new software with the same groups to nearly perfect results in satisfaction with the new system.