Boxing Inc

Boxing inc is a gym franchise that needed to rebuild their corporate website with eCommerce and calendar system

Rethinking a Gym Franchise

Boxing Inc. houses an array of talented, experienced trainers. Their brand chose to showcase this while staying inviting to those new to the sport. Our task was to develop a new website that matched their brand vision as well as add a calendar system so visitors can keep track of classes.

During our research foundation stage we came up with an idea to use subtle dark color scheme with rugged photography. This created a nexus between an enterprise-level fitness facility and a local box gym that defined Boxing Inc.’s methodology.


Boxing Inc. is a gym franchise that has multiple locations around town. Our job was to redesign their old site and bring new eCommerce as well as calendar functionality to their users. 


People join gyms and fitness centers for a variety of reasons, but one of the most popular is certainly to improve their appearance. With this in mind, Boxing Inc. needed vivid and active high-quality photography as the base of the majority of its brand refresh.

Joel Grimes with his focus on HDR sports photography was the perfect match for this project. Along with a host of models, Grimes produced the in-gym action shots which helped to brand Boxing Inc. as a destination point for customers looking to get fit through non-traditional means.

Final Result

Website was developed on top of a WordPress CMS. Home page features an image rotator that takes viewers through all of offered classes. The goal is to get users excited about any of the classes so they would explore the website further.

Additional Functionality

Boxing Inc is not just a pretty site, it’s loaded with functionality. For starters there is a fully fledged store built right into the site where Boxing Inc. can sell all of their merchandise.

There is also classes calendar that automatically syncs with trainers so users can pick a trainer and then see where that trainer is teaching as well as what he is teaching. Calendar even recognizes different areas in each gym separately, this allows for multiple classes to happen at the same time at each location.

Classes description and schedule

Trainers page

A trainers roster allows visitors to learn more about their coaches as well as to see what classes they teach.