Setting LongBall's brand in stone through re-imagining of their catologue and ecommerce experience  

The next level of brand evolution

Longball is a golf clothing brand that strives to bring a modern and hip cloth to the golfing industry. Initially, Longball came to us for photography work. We spent an amazing day shooting on a golf course in Phoenix. This laid the groundwork for everything else to come.

Despite having amazing clothing Longball was still a fairly new company. And although they had great products their brand wasn’t flushed out past their logo.

The main issue with  Longball’s brand was consistency. This makes sense, since they design many different products they have to make them different from each other to keep things interesting. Because their brand wasn’t finished, their design variations started spilling out into all of their collateral. Their typography and colors changed with each print piece, something had to be done.


Longball. A golf clothing brand out of Calgary Canada. FabricEleven was in charge of creating the new brand feel, photography, catalog design and eCommerce architecture


Look and Feel

Our first task was to establish good typography. Typography is a foundation of the brand and we wanted to create a feeling of modern meets classic style. This would go hand in hand with Longball’s vision of bringing Lululemon like fashion to the golf industry.

We chose to go with Old Standard TT font for headers since it has that iconic old-school look and doesn’t look too much like overused Times New Roman. For body font, we used Whitney for easy readability and a slightly modern feel. We had to pick Open Sans for the web later down the road because of Whitney’s web limitations.

Target Audience

When picking the colors for Longball we didn’t want to stray away from their main current color. This is why teal was the base color that everything revolved around. We picked 2 other colors to compliment teal. Having dark colors makes teal pop more and adds dimension when used together.

Catalog design

Then came the big test: putting it all together. Longball’s initial catalog spanned 60 pages and looked like it was built on 3-day deadline with a goal to get as much content in as possible.

We started by identifying the audience and goals. Our audience are distributors, they make buying decisions if they like what they see.  We also needed to significantly cut down on costs.

First, we redesigned the layout to fit up to 8 products per page instead of 4. Then we combined the section separator pages, team player highlight, and featured clothing information onto a single page spread. This allowed us to cut the length by half! By adding boxes under each product allowed distributors to mark what they would want to order. Oh and of course we made the design much more appealing.

State of-the-art eCommerce Platform

Our main focus in site redesign was seamless user experience. Longball’s old site didn’t have centralization around products. It was more of a site that talked about the brand than anything else.  In our re-design, everything started to revolve around shopping. Homepage featured their latest catalog, and automatically pulled “most popular” and “on-sale” products.

Order Fulfilment

By using large images and typography we brought users much closer to a product. This created the feeling of openness, simplicity as well as class.


In addition to building backend integrations to handle logistics, we also developed the internal processes to support them with the operations team. This included an internal training handbook for future hires, ensuring the improvements were lasting.

We designed a backend that allowed a single point of view for the team to access and manage data from multiple sales channels.


Through a reimagined and fully consistent brand that was now permeating multiple sales channels and advertising avenues, the company as a whole moved into an entirely new level of success.

Beyond the immediate benefits of the work done, the team now has the tools to continue evolving their brand and reaching new customers.