Glacier Beverage

Recreating iconic water brand

Making old new again

Glacier Beverage is a widely known beverage company. Apart from providing water, they are known in corporate space for providing custom bottle solutions for events, promotions, and white labeling.

The current brand although iconic became outdated and it was time for an overhaul.


Glacier Beverage. A water bottle white label company. Fabric Eleven was in charge of brand redesign and new marketing direction.

The look and feel

Glacier Beverage is at the top of their industry, and they need to be perceived as such. We needed to set a mood of a progressive, smart and simple company. Their audience are large corporations, so we can’t make them too hip or they will not be perceived seriously.

Brand mark refresh

One of the many requirements for the brand mark was usability. Logo needed to be successful with just one color and stand out from others if used in conjunction with them. Furthermore, a simple symbol needed to be developed that could be used by itself to increase brand recognition.

Throughout many iterations, we have settled on a Nexa Bold  typeface. The bold curves of the font create an iconic look that stands out amid the industry that’s populated by Helvetica or Script Fonts.

For the symbol, an abstract shape of a mountain was created. We placed it off-center, thus making the eye follow from left to the right when reading the logo. Making “Glacier” bigger and bolder makes the logotype easier to read. This is also inline with the original style of the logo. Because of the color contrast, the word “beverage” will be seen second thus finishing the composition.


Creating brand collateral

For collateral, we wanted to create a simple effortless look that could be kept for many years to come. This is one of the reasons we kept design elements to a minimum and instead focused on typography and negative space.

One side of the cards was designed with a solid color that would make cards stand out from others. On the opposite side, we used spot UV on a text with foil on our symbol to give cards a more luxurious look. A foil symbol was also added to the back side of an envelope. When creating collateral the little details like gloss and foil end up making a huge difference in the overall feel of the brand.

Colors, type and design manual

This brand ended up having many support colors and 3 primary colors (Coral, Dark Blue and Summer Sky). This allows designers for creation of a very versatile marketing materials with subtle shades of color.

For body typography, we ended up going with Lato Regular. Because of its subtle roundness, it offsets the would be unapproachable enterprise look and makes content easier to read. Additionally the font also looks great on the web.

Finally, a complete design manual was created with specifications to keep the brand on track for years to come.