Inspirational Designs For Valentine’s Day

For the upcoming Valentine’s Day, we found some inspirational designs:

image 1


This first one is a very simple representation of love. Notice how the two figures kissing aren’t of any particular race or gender; it doesn’t matter if you’re a man that loves a man, or a woman who loves a woman, or a man who loves a woman, it’s very encompassing in the theme: “love is for everyone.” This design would be great for a card – friend, lover, or a family member. It’s very universal!




As simple as it is, this one also has a meaningful message of love nurturing anyone who needs or wants it. The bottom the heart has an arm, like a mother holding her baby. Valentine’s Day is about (hopefully) the nurturing aspect of a relationship and this design portrays it perfectly. As in the previous one, the color of the design is minimalistic and subtle. This one would only work for a company logo, not a card; maybe even a T-shirt.


image 3

A fun spin-off of Valentine’s Day! Instead of “valentines” it’s “valenwine.” This one is also simple but also very unique. Having a heart in the wine glass beautifully combines the two themes of Valentines Day and wine. Those two themes are integrated cleverly into a brand name: Valenwine.



A good spin-off of “Money can’t buy happiness.” Quite simply, it’s the MasterCard of Valentines. The artist used MasterCard’s signature colors, and even the design in the middle. I think this was brilliantly done, using an already well-known logo and tweaking it slightly.



A fun card within a card! This is a very creative and unique idea for a card. The design is simple, yet witty.

What do you think about these designs?