Customization Guide

Thank you for downloading Ultimate Proposal

We assume that you will be using Microsoft PowerPoint for editing. Although using other apps is very similar. If you don’t have Microsoft PowerPoint you can always open the file in Google Slides or Keynote. As you may have noticed most slides have helpful notes on how to better use them.


Install Fonts

Before opening the proposal we advise you to download the Fonts that we are using that way everything show up consistently. We are using the following fonts:


To use your own fonts go to Format > Replace Fonts


Personalizing Proposal

Use search and replace to update variables. Like company’s name and your client’s information
Go to Edit > Find > Replace and search for the following variables and replace them with yours




Updating Logo

All header logos are located inside a Master Template. To add your own logo or text into all the headers edit master template by going to
View > Master > Slide Master
or pressing Option + Command + 1 on a Mac

You can then select each slide from the list and paste over your own logo. You can then close Master Template by pressing “Close Master”
The logo on the first slide does not use a master template and you can easily replace it.


Updating First Slide Picture

For your first slide, we recommend using a picture from your client’s industry. This makes the proposal feel more personalized to clients. To replace the picture right click on the background image and select Format Background… from the drop down menu. Then from a sidebar that opens up click the file button to browse your computer for a new image. Optionally you can apply picture corrections to make it less bright


Updating Colors

To change colors to your brand colors go to Format > Theme Colors. Alternatively, you can use a Replace Color tool from this company (Windows Only)