Development of brand, collateral and a web site for a new urgent care

A Different Kind of Urgent Care

Southern Arizona Urgent Care (SAUC) is an urgent care center headquartered in Arizona’s Oro Valley region. Setting themselves apart from their competition, SAUC was created to provide a higher quality alternative to the typical urgent care experience.

With a focus on comfort, a well designed environment, and high customer service, SAUC fill a unique niche in the point-of-care industry. SAUC approached us at the point of establishment, seeking to launch their new medical center. They had the concept, we just had to realize it. Below you can see the final brand mark that was developed.


Southern Arizona Urgent Care. A luxury urgent care in Southern Arizona. Fabric Eleven was in charge of brand development, photography (by Joel Grimes), marketing collateral and web design. 

Brand Mark Development

Building off the focus on quality care and an appealing environment, we designed SAUC’s identity to convey a sense of comfort and harmony. An abstract logo mark was designed for the company, suggesting both a coupling of hands as well as the Catalina Mountain range, as visible from SAUC’s primary facility. A color palette of appealing greens and blues was chosen to evoke nature and wellness, avoiding harsh tones and dark shades within the brand.

A thin elegant London MM font was used for the company name to compliment the heaviness of the logo and then for the second line we used Handle Gothic EF-Bold type. We wanted viewers to see “Urgent Care” from far away thus we selected a more bold modern font for the second line to differentiate it and balance the bottom with the top.

Website Home Page

We built a home page to quickly capture the viewer’s imagination and showcase the luxurious look inside the facility. By placing the navigation menu in the center of the page we focus user’s attention quickly.

Photography that makes a difference

We know that photography can make or break any design. That’s why we worked with award winning photographer Joel Grimes to capture the essence of the place. Below are some of the shots from the shoot

sauc-rotator_0000_Drsauc-rotator_0001_Trevor X-Ray Compositesauc-rotator_0002_Lab T4C7462sauc-rotator_0003_Elephant Room_T4C7501sauc-rotator_0004_George Lab Composite

Service page that guides you through