Restaurant brand design from interior design suggestions to collateral and website

Combining Cultures

Reforma is a new upscale restaurant in Tucson, Arizona. Reforma wanted to establish itself as an icon of 19th century colonial classical Mexico. Our goal in developing this brand was to convey a clear and firm grasp on the sophisticated, aesthetically modern yet authentically rooted identity of Reforma.

In creating the Reforma logo we experimented with a typeface resembling Copperplate Gothic. We want to echo a resemblance to hispanic typeface. We custom created a serif font that ties into hand lettering seen in Mexico. Our goal was to pair elegance and simplicity with a layer of texture and patterns for a base. implementing extra strokes the medium size logo appears clean yet keeps with the handmade serif appearance. Below is the final brand mark we have came up with.


Reforma. An upscale restaurant in North West Tucson. Fabric Eleven was in charge of brand development, photography, marketing collateral, menus and web design


We created a primarily monochromatic brand mark to demonstrate elegance and sophistication. Using color can reduce legibility, but adding a muted color scheme added versatility to the brand. In sticking with a tuscan color palette—wheat, turquoise and raw natural red tones—the logo can be used in many different ways.

Since we created a custom typeface for the Reforma brand mark we paired it with other non serif fonts to compliment the main logo. We used Ambrose Demi from the Didot typeface family to compliment the diagonal pattern. The heavy bolded lines are still thin to compliment the pattern and texture of the main logo font. Using Brandon Text font further compliments the weight and texture of the main brand mark.

Details and Accents

Typography and color is not enough in creating a memorable brand. To make things stand out we utilized line and dot elements around the borders. By bringing the dots over the lines the menu becomes more modern with roots still in classic colonial Mexico. The numbers where highly stylized to further create a tie between the brand mark and collateral.

Website focuses on food photography

Making mouth watering photos

We knew that in order for us to have the most impactful website we need to have really great photography. When we capture food we always want to capture up close shots to leave the viewers wanting more.


Home page promotes events and featured items