See how we created a brand for this new Tucson hotspot

Dusting Off The Past

Highwire came to us with the concept for a new downtown lounge. They wanted to create an establishment to stand out from saturated downtown crowd. They needed something different than the rustic industrial trend permeating the majority of metro hot spots. Their concept was to infuse high fashion and the cocktail parties of the 30s. Their vision nodded to the times when night acrobat performers were a delicacy for the aristocrats in the know.

Our research team noted a resurgence in the trends of Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles. We knew we wanted to deliver something far above just another Art Deco brand. In the mood board below you can see the stylistic inspirations we cultivated for the foundation stage. We then infused our fresh design elements to create the clients ultimate vision.


Highwire is a  cocktail lounge in downtown Tucson. Fabric Eleven was in charge of creating the new brand.

Combining directions

We decided to combine the New Vintage style with that of Classic Art Deco. For this, the color palette needs to emulate a modernized Art Deco aesthetic representing trust, quality and elegance. In looking towards a classical regeneration in a Modern framework traditional colors were updated to be more vibrant procuring a modern appeal for the brand.


Typography is a standout component of Highwire’s brand. We created the proper typographical hierarchy to fit the mood and aesthetic of the brand. It needed to be heavy for visibility yet light enough to not lose the modern feel we were going for.

We chose LHF Gloria as the headline typeface because it accurately represents Art Deco style while also nodding towards a modern appeal. This attention commanding typeface will be used for their Headlines. This would also be a perfect font for menu item names.

Brand Mark Development

We crafted 10 unique iterations in this phase. We wanted to try a few core ideas: typography only, symbol, and abstract mark. Through this creative design process we ended up with many strong contenders to work with. Ultimately we decide on a typographic symbol, as it has the power for easy recognition. Below you can see the evolution of the design to its final version brand mark.

Final Version

By exaggerating the H and W we not only create a monogram for the name but also suggest an acrobatic feel. By adding the notches we give our logo the desired Art Deco feel.

The final version is cleaned up with the top notches removed and evened spacing to boost both recognition and readability from further away.