Creating a new name, brand and a multi language site for Canadian ceiling manufacturer

Creating New Opportunities

Canadian Specialty Ceilings is a Canadian ceiling company that helps to transform your home by creating different ceiling solutions. CSC came to us with one simple goal: to refresh the entire company from the name all the way to the website.

During our initial foundation we were throwing a few names around. One of the exercises that we do is we combine different endings to create new words. We knew that CSC specialized in ceilings and trimming, jokingly we combined the two words, client loved it so much that it instantly stuck, and CEILTRIM was born.


CEILTRIM (Formerly Canadian Speciality Ceilings)  is a ceiling and trimming specialist in Canada with more than 1000 projects under their belt. FabricEleven was tasked with renaming and rebranding the company as well as web design

Brand Mark Development

We wanted the mark to have an abstract representation of what the company does as well as feel very simple. The symbol we came up with is a visual representation of ceilings. The basic geometric shape allows the mark to be used almost everywhere like a stamp.


For font we chose Proxima Nova font. The thin lines compliment the heavy mark and give the logo an elegant and interior design feeling. We had to create a bigger gap between the planes for the horizontal version since it became almost invisible from far away. For stationary typography we also selected Proxima Nova as a default font for body and Century Gothic for titles this gave all titles a more modern feel.


Colors needed to show that the company behind them knows interior design and can be trusted. By selecting light teal color palette then adding red and green we get a color palette that is both corporate (cool colors), down to earth (greens and red) and designy (teals)

Final collateral examples including a burn stamp

buisness-cardmockupbrandexampleEngraved Wood Mock UpThis is my second mock-up after making Norite - Business Card templates. I made this mockup with clean and general concept, and can be used for all types of companies. This logo mock up can be used very easily, (using Smart-Object).


Home page features sliding animations that create a feeling of stepping  inside a house. Site supports instant translation to French as well.

Core products are split into categories

Product details

Each page has unique styling

It was really interesting to see the brand transform right in front of our eyes.  Canadian Speciality Ceilings went from a company that might be questionable because of poor branding to a reputable company over a course of a few weeks

480% Visits Increase

120% Site Bounce Decrease